Getting Married in Muskoka (Ontario)


Whether it's a quick last minute decision to elope, or you've been planning for over a year - one detail that slips the minds of many couples is obtaining their MARRIAGE LICENCE.

This document + choosing an authorized official to marry you are two of the most significant details to make everything legal in the province of Ontario.

Stick with us, we've got you covered! Read below and find out the simple steps you need to take before you say "I do".

The In’s & Out’s of Applying for a Marriage Licence in Ontario:

It’s an easy process and you get the license the day you apply (as long as you show up with all the necessary documentation).

  1. Download, fill in, and print the Marriage Licence Application Form. You can find this on The Government of Ontario Website.

  2. Head to your closest municipal office with your filled out & signed application form + two pieces of ID each.

  3. Pay a fee.

Some stipulations surrounding the acceptable forms of identification:

  • Photocopies/scanned images are not accepted
  • They must provide your legal name and date of birth
  • First and last names must match on the 2 pieces you are presenting
  • One must include your photo
  • ID can be from any country, as long as it is government issued

Acceptable, and most commonly government issued identification include:

  • valid passport

  • government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates

  • record of immigrant landing

  • Canadian Citizenship Card

  • valid driver’s licence

  • valid Ontario Photo Card

Helpful Hints & Reminders...

  • A marriage licence is only valid for 90 days from the date it was issued. So mark you calendar and be sure to not get it too early!

  • Sometimes appointments are required - we recommend checking in advance, so that you’re not disappointed and turned away

  • It's worth checking around regarding fees as well! They vary between municipalities, and for an extra few km's, you might be able to save some moola.

  • Sometimes you can submit online, however; you will still have to take the completed application into the city clerk’s office with supporting documentation (Government issued ID, divorce documentation, etc.). 

  • You can usually apply without your partner if everything has been signed and you bring the valid identification required for each person - however; to save any sort of potential hassle, why not make it a pre-marital date and go out for a nice meal afterwards ;o)

  • If you cannot read or understand English, you must bring your own interpreter, with their own identification.

Who can get Married in Ontario?

Everyone is welcome to get married in Ontario (yay! for #equalrights) - whether you live here permanently or temporarily. You must be over the age of 16 years old (if you are under 18 you need consent from your parents / legal guardians).

That's all from us today!



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