What is a POP-UP wedding?

POP-UP Weddings are trending around the world, in response to couples who are looking for a more affordable way to get married, without compromising on the quality and overall aesthetic of their day. We were one of the first companies to bring this concept to Ontario, Canada.

Acting almost like a traveling wedding chapel, our team creates beautiful, but temporary, ceremony spaces, at different venues. Over the course of a day, we host a number of couples to say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies. These weddings are pre-booked and pre-planned and take place at different times throughout the day.

Each time block/wedding booking within that day receives the same all-inclusive ceremony package as the next. Our POP-UP Weddings are about making it as easy as possible for couples. Because more than one couple will be marrying in the same spot (at different times, of course), the costs are greatly reduced.

What venues do you use for POP-UP Weddings?

Venues vary and change every year. We like to switch it up between typical event/wedding spaces and more off-the-beaten-path spaces like art galleries, yoga studios, and boat houses.

How many guests am I allowed to invite?

We have a 20 guest maximum at our POP-UP weddings. This includes children over 2, your witnesses, and anyone you choose to have stand up with you.

How far in advance do you release POP-UP Wedding dates and locations?

We try to have our POP-UP dates on our website about a year in advance, however; we do sometimes release more last-minute options. Spaces on each date are limited, in order to provide our couples with exclusive bookings. It’s suggested that if you see a venue you love, sign up for a spot sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment, and to secure your desired ceremony time.

I’m not ready to book a POP-UP date, but would like to know when new dates are released.

Love it! Send us a note to hello@primpandpop.com with the subject “POP-UP Waitlist / Mailing list” and you’ll be updated when we add dates to our calendar. We also suggest following us on social media (Facebook & Instagram)!

What would our all-inclusive package include?

We bring together all the professional touches, so all you have to do is show up! We work with the best of the best, hand picking each vendor so that your day is unique, seamless and beautiful. The venue, photographer, décor, florals, music, wedding coordinators and officiant are all included in your package.

Your booking includes: Professional Planning & Design ● Personal flowers - a bouquet & boutonniere (or two of the same) ● Styled ceremony space ● Ceremony music ● A celebratory beverage for all guests to toast the day Logistical Expertise ● A detailed itinerary of your time with us ● Set-up (seating for up to 20 guests, registry table & chair) ● Exclusive use of venue during ceremony ● A sweet legalization of your marriage with our officiant ● 30+ edited photos after wedding day Primp and Pop Support Team ● On-site coordinator ● Designer ● Photographer (1.5 hours) ● Officiant

What is the duration of a POP-UP Wedding?

Sometimes this varies based on location, but our couples always enjoy at least an hour and a half each.

I’m worried we’re going to feel rushed.

We completely understand your concern, but, we are totally confident you won’t feel rushed and that your 90 minutes with us is plenty of time! The ceremony itself only takes about 20 minutes, including signing all of the paperwork, so you have over an hour to spend with your invited guests, enjoy a celebratory sip, and get some lovely candid portraits with our photographer. Remember… you don’t have to stop celebrating after you leave us!

How many photographs will I get?

You will receive a minimum of 30 full- resolution, edited, professional photographs after your wedding day. These will either be sent to you by us, or directly from our photographer.

Can we bring our own photographer?

A professional photo shoot is part of the package, so there is no opportunity to bring a photographer to the wedding. Keep in mind that we work with only the best and lower costs don't mean lesser expertise or value for money. You always have the option to buy extra images directly from the photographer after the wedding (above and beyond the 30 full res included).

What do we need to bring with us to our POP-UP wedding day?

We make your job really simple! We handle pretty much everything with the exception of obtaining marriage license, rings (if you’ll be exchanging), your guests, and one another!

Can anything be customized?

The idea is to keep your costs down by sharing the day, so elements such as décor and styling remain the same from couple to couple. There is opportunity for personalization with the bouquet, the music, and ceremony service (ie. personal vows, adding a special reading, etc.).

What do we need to bring with us to our POP-UP wedding day?

We make your job really simple! We handle pretty much everything with the exception of obtaining marriage license, rings (if you’ll be exchanging), your guests, and one another!

Will there be a grand entrance?

Yes, absolutely! You can still send your partner ahead as per normal and then walk down towards the ceremony, as your processional song plays. We encourage you to let us know what you’re after (this is YOUR wedding day after all) and we will try to find a way to fit it into your package.

What about the reception, can we still do this?

Of course you can! We think it’s a lovely idea to have the ceremony (your time with us) just with your family and closest friends, and then head somewhere for a celebratory reception with the rest of your social circle. The options are really endless. Our focus is to incorporate all the best bits of a more traditional ceremony, in a stress-free and budget-friendly way. We create a beautiful foundation and see our couples build on that.