What do we need to get married?

Everyone is welcome to get married in Ontario - whether you live here permanently or temporarily. You must be over the age of 16 years old (if you are under 18 you need consent from your parents / legal guardians). Getting your marriage licence is key. Nothing continues until you have this document.

Below gives you an idea of how simple the process is, but check out our blog for more details and hints before you head out: Download, fill in, and print the Marriage Licence Application Form. You can find this on The Government of Ontario Website. LINK Head to the closest municipal office once you’re in province (if you’re traveling to Ontario, that is) with your filled out & signed application form + two pieces of ID each. Pay the fee. Boom! Pretty easy, right?

I’m traveling to Ontario from Out of Province / Out of Country. Do I need anything else?

When you apply for a marriage licence, you will be required to show 2 pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. One piece of identification must include your photo. ID can be from any country, as long as it’s government issued.

Where can we get married?

Anywhere… really, there are very few restrictions when it comes where you can say your ‘I do’s’. Vibing with the idea of being in the heart of a music festival? Nestled amongst trees with just some wildlife around? Standing on a cliff at sunset? Let’s think outside the box and come up with somewhere that resonates with you and your story together. *Some locations may have permit requirements and/or fees, but we’ll go through all of this with you.

What can we expect for the ceremony?

It’s all about personalization! We provide you with a basic run sheet, but, no two ceremonies are the same with us. We make sure that the legal elements of the ceremony are included and taken care of, but we can also collectively develop a script that represents and expresses your personalities and relationship story. Each ceremony is typically about 15 minutes. If you’re curious, the legal requirements are:

  • Declaration of Intentions
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Signing of the Register and License
  • Pronouncement

It will just be myself and my fiance, can you be our witnesses?

We are more than happy to organize the witnesses for your ceremony. Please let us know in advance (when you book) so that we can appropriately plan :o)

How long does it take to receive our certificate after the ceremony?

Directly after the ceremony, you will receive and can take home with you, A Record of Solemnization of Marriage. The official who performs the ceremony sends away the signed licence to Service Ontario. You can order your marriage certificate anytime after your ceremony, however, it’s recommended to wait about 6 weeks after your wedding day to ensure your marriage has be registered with the government. Here is the LINK to order your certificate online.

Do I need a permit for my ceremony?

Permits and fees are possible, but not always applicable. We can go through all of this with you once we have an idea of what super sweet spot you have in mind!