N+M Elope

Muskoka Waterfall Elopement.jpg

Nicole and Mike are an outdoorsy couple. Being in the wilderness during their spare time is what makes them tick.

Their first date was an afternoon hike through some bluffs with Nicole’s dog in tow, followed by a long chat on the tailgate of Mike’s truck… which then led into a dinner and movie. From that day forward, they have pretty much been inseparable and the rest is history :) 

Like most of our couples, N&M started their family prior to marriage. It wasn’t until last year that Nicole even thought a wedding, or getting married, was and option - the common law thing was fine by Mike. Mother’s Day of 2018 turned this around when he bought her an engagement ring. So sweet!

An Autumn elopement in Muskoka became the plan.  “To me, marriage isn’t about religion or a fancy ceremony and party; it’s about two people committing to one another. Simple as that. Now that we already have our two children and have been together for over 8 years, it seems fitting to go away just the two of us so that our family can have one common name.” says Nicole.

Nicole’s 3 most important aspects of their special day:

  1. Being outdoors and together

  2. Stress free

  3. Simple, yet elegant

Perfect, that’s what we do best!

We had 2 locations mapped out for them prior to their arrival in Muskoka; both were close to their Airbnb rental and check marked the water + woods backdrop they desired. Because of crazy rains two days leading up to their wedding date, and a forecast of more rain on their big day, these locations weren’t going to work (hazardous to get to and from)… so, back to the drawing board the morning-of.

No problem. One of the things I love most about planning elopements, is that pretty much anywhere can be an “I do” location (since you only need space for 2!). It’s also helpful that Muskoka is so picturesque and there are locations EVERYWHERE just begging to be photographed and imprinted with love!!

We think we found a pretty romantic spot, but we’ll let you be the judge…

…Oh, I should mention too, one of the ways they honoured their daughters at the ceremony was by tying a charm with each of their initials onto Nicole’s bouquet. The best!

Team Awesome….

Officiant: Jeff Watson

Flowers: Jessy Beck Designs

Photography: Scott Turnbull