Eloping - The "PROS"

We LOVE elopements. At Primp & Pop, we encourage that you celebrate your union just as you want  - however, we do feel some responsibility to highlight considerations before taking this route (ugh, someone's gotta play devil's advocate, right?).

When you get engaged or just start contemplating marriage, there are a slew of questions and decisions that start flooding your mind. What to wear? Who to invite? Where should you host? What meal should you serve? What's the budget?

Maybe it makes sense to elope instead? It's not for everyone, but here are some of the "pros" for going this route (at least we think so!):

  1. It's all about YOU! Everything you plan is focused on what you and your partner wants - you don't have to take anyone else's wishes, opinions, or preferences into consideration.
  2. Location - You can have your elopement double as your honeymoon spot, which can reduce travel costs.
  3. Costs in general are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. Other than being present yourselves, the only 3 details you really need (to make the marriage legit) is a marriage license + a legal officiant + 2 witnesses. The rest of the "add ons" are up to you and your budget!
  4. Options - because it's really just the two of you, the world is your oyster. You can get away with tying the knot virtually anywhere (shhhh... we aren't telling you this!) - a public park, the end of the pier near your favourite beach, by that waterfall you got engaged at, etc....
  5. On a whim - planning and timelines can be thrown out the window. You can really decide to get married and make it happen within the week, should you choose to. It also helps to have a little assistance from professionals ;o) ... (plug!)
  6. Guest list - Who to invite is a non-issue - it's just you... and we're pretty sure you'll show up! For so many couples who are planning a traditional wedding, the guest list can cause unneeded stress. Removing the guest list altogether means that no one can really feel "left out" more than the next person.

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