Eloping - The "CONS" (barely)

Like with any decision, if there are advantages, there are of course some "cons/disadvantages". Personally, we really struggled to come up with some, however; here is a list of a few that *could* stop some couples from running away together as "just two".

  1. Friends & Family - even though you eliminate the stress of curating a guest list, you may deal with some immediate loves who who feel left out/slighted that they weren't included in your nuptials.
  2. Regrets - there is a chance that after you tie the knot, you may experience a little FOMO (fear of missing out) having not had a big party with your nearest and dearest. BUT... we say, why can't you plan a soiree once you're back from your honeymoon / have more cash to dedicate to a bigger celebration (or whatever the reason was you eloped in the first place)?
  3. Photos - if you decide to go barebones with your ceremony, you may later wish that you had the day/evening documented to some degree. Note: this is why our elopement package includes at least a 1 hour session with a professional photographer! We've got you covered :o)

All in all, REMEMBER - it's your day. The most important bits of your wedding day should honour and celebrate YOU as a couple. We can (and are more than willing to!!) help plan your elopement, OR, if for whatever reason you decide the cons outweigh the pros, inquire about our pop-up wedding package --- it might just be the shoe that fits!

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