Elopement Announcements

We think eloping is pretty special, and a darn good way to tie the knot. If you’re thinking about running off without telling anyone; we get it, encourage it, AND we’re so happy for you!

Unless you plan on keeping your marriage a secret indefinitely, we’d like to share some elopement etiquette surrounding the announcement of your “I do’s”.

Timing is everything. The closer they are to you, the sooner you should share your BIG news with them.

Order counts. In the traditional sense, your children (if applicable, and they weren’t included in the decision beforehand) and your parents are top priority. Next in line would be siblings and besties! Friends and non-immediate relatives follow.

Method. There are A LOT of cute ways to share your news, but it’s important to remember that in person or over the phone is best for your nearest and dearest. Our vote would be in-person, however; sometimes timing takes precedence and a phone call works, should you have travelled to an out-of-town destination.

Once your 'immediates' are in-the-know of your new found “title”, there are some fun and creative ways to announce your elopement.

  1. Electronic Card 

  2. Post Card / Card in the Mail

  3. Social Media 

  4. Invitation to a Reception 

If you and your sweetheart eloped already, we’d love to hear how you shared your news! Comment below :o)



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