Wedding Traditions: Bouquet Toss

Throwing the bouquet is one of those wedding traditions that has gone from serious, to jovial, to outdated as time goes by.

So...what’s the deal with the bride tossing her bouquet into a sea of single ladies at her wedding?

Here's brief history lesson --- A number of years ago, it was thought be a sign of good fortune to touch the bride. Guests would swarm the bride and try to rip pieces of her gown for luck. In order to distract the crowd, she would throw her bouquet and make a run for the “bridal chamber” with her hubby.

Over the years this distraction turned into a tradition of the bride passing on her good fortune to one single lady. That lucky guest who picks the proper angle, distance, and hones in on her catching abilities (or elbow throwing) gets the bouquet… Luck? Fate? Chance? Or is the bride really providing her non-expert opinion of who is going to be the next in line?!

OUR TWIST: With our couples blessing, our company recycles all fresh flowers and repurposes them into arrangements that are then dropped to local healthcare facilities.

Did you throw your bouquet? Are you going to throw your bouquet?  Tell us your reasons why!

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