Wedding Traditions on the Out... Veils

The wedding veil is another tradition that has evolved over the centuries, and differs from culture to culture and between religions.

Function or Fashion?

In history, some 'functions' included: warding off evil spirits [Greeks & Romans], to avoid embarrassment in arranged marriages [unfortunately, still likely happening], to deter the bride from running away, a symbol of status [Victorian era], and a display of youth, vulnerability, virginity and modesty [different religions].

As we sit in the 21st century, views and uses of the veil have drastically changed, and tend to serve purpose of fashion vs. function. A lot of traditions mentioned above don’t even make sense (in our minds), nor are they relatable to people living in the Western world. Instead, these days, this intricate fabric piece is more commonly a finishing touch to the bride’s ensemble. Which, we're just fine with!

NEW TWIST: What about a hooded cape, flower crown, oversized flower, millinery, a chic headband, or sparkly hair clip… really, the options are endless AND, we think, equally as beautiful... if veils aren't your think that is.

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