Wedding Traditions: 'Showy' Weddings

A $5,000 deposit here, $10,000 deposit there - shelling out large sums of money is commonplace… right? These big cheques are linking you to tradition? That’s not entirely right. The over-the-top consumption might be better linked to the mass messages that advertising gurus and social media marketing experts have been blasting us for years.

So… maybe that means it IS tradition?

Who knows?

In any case, we all know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the “must haves” and keeping up with the Jones’.

One of the reasons [there were many reasons, which we won’t get into here], owner Bryn Armstrong, decided to branch out from her “traditional” wedding planning role, and focus more on elopement style - lower key weddings, was because of a noticeable movement towards shaking up tradition (or expectation) that weddings need to make a financial statement.

The fact of the matter is that everyone is different and we, at Primp & Pop, merely appreciate and are taking note of where ‘trends’ are going… it’s apparent that couples are starting to feel more liberated in their wedding decisions, and have started marching to the beat of their own drum. Applause!!

NEW TWIST: Pop-up Weddings, Secret Weddings, and Surprise Weddings.

Pop-up weddings are a fun way of sharing some costs with other couples getting married on the same day. Find out more here.

Secret Weddings are basically elopements. Run away and then tell the world!

Surprise Weddings - more to come on this later… but wouldn’t it be great to see everyone’s faces when they find out they’ve arrived at your wedding?

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate, our hope is that you follow your own path and get married the way YOU want, can afford, and will always look back on this special moment with adoration.

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